I’m easily overwhelmed. Maybe that’s not the right word. Stupefied. That’s closer. There are topics, issues, subjects that I’m just not equipped to handle. I can’t understand why the Millennium started in 2001 instead of 2000. You can explain it, and you’ll watch my eyes lose focus and drool start to dribble down my chin. I don’t know what colors match. Blind children match their clothing by using scratch and sniff stickers on the labels, strawberries with strawberries. I know that because my mother looked into it for me. I simply have no comprehension for some subjects.

Frequently, in the study of Scripture, in our walk with God, we find subjects that trade in stupefaction. Mystery, awe, and more than a little confusion. I’m content to let other people pick out my clothing, and I have another 984 years until the millennium thing comes up again (or is it 985?), but I want to know God. I don’t like secrets. How do we move forward with a God we can’t comprehend?

There are a couple of great answers to that question. And the best one is a question: Would you want to serve a God you could understand completely? That’s not a God worth serving.

We should expect God to be foreign, to have angles we can’t comprehend immediately. I think the issue comes back to trust. Do you Trust Him? Can you be ok with Him knowing more than you, with Him calling the shots?

When trust is the issue, the cross is the answer. Whatever is going on in this world, Jesus cares about us and I can prove it at the cross. Whatever mystery there is in God’s person or plan, I know He loves me because He showed it at the cross. By dying my death, by suffering my shame, God proved His love. I trust in that love and I can rest even with some of the question marks.

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