If I found a key on the road, and discovered it fit and opened a particular lock at my house, I would assume most likely that the key was made by the lock maker. And if I find set of teachings set out in pre-modern oriental society that has proven itself of such universal validity that it has fascinated and satisfied millions of people in every century, including the best minds in history and the simplest hearts, that it has made itself at home in virtually every culture, inspired masterpieces of beauty in every field of art, continues to grow rapidly and spread and assert itself in lands where a century ago the name of Jesus Christ was not even heard; if such teaching so obviously fits the locks of so many human souls, in so many times and so many places, are they likely to be the work of a deceiver or a fool? In fact it is more likely that they were designed by the Heart Maker…

—G.K. Chesterton

One of the strongest arguments for Christianity, an argument we rarely stop to consider, is its universality. It is simply everywhere and, for the last 2,000 years, in every time. Whatever doubts you have about the Faith, take a moment to realize the sheer number and variety of the people who have been convinced by it. Maybe they are all wrong in the extreme, but maybe they aren’t.

For those familiar with the story of the Tower of Babel, this universality is especially encouraging. In that story, God cursed mankind by giving us a multiplicity of languages and scattering us across the earth. The terrible pride of humanity, coupled with a pretty damning assessment of our hearts, (“for the intention of his heart is evil from his youth” Genesis 8:21) had lead our fathers to try to build a tower to storm Heaven. God’s mercy was to separate us, focus some of our animus on each other rather than Himself. By this way, we would survive long enough for His perfect Redemption plan to unfold.

The pinnacle of that plan is, of course, Christ. His message now unites every tribe, tongue and nation. We join in that work as His Church when we go and “make disciples of all nations.”

Join us Sunday at Hope Church! We are going to think and pray together about how we can further this incredible, glorious, holy work.

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