How should you pray for your kids? Last week I suggested praying for their salvation. Secondly, target your prayers at specific sin issues. Pray about specific sins you see in your child’s life, such as lying, impatience, anger, stealing, laziness, and disobedience. Let’s say you’ve noticed a pattern of selfishness: your child grabs things from other kids, doesn’t want to share, and fights over toys. As a parent you need to deal with this. But how? The first step is to correct, instruct, and give appropriate consequences. But don’t stop there. Your child needs God to change them from the inside out. So instead of praying generically, “God, please bless Jonny today,” you should pray specifically: “God, change Jonny’s heart. As he plays with his friends, give him a love for others like Jesus has. Make him selfless instead of selfish today ….” And then watch to see what God does.