“In the future there will be no internet. There will only be a machine that you step into and it sucks 10 years out of your life.”
-Mike Birbiglia

I saw this quote when looking for a similar one, and then got distracted by a tweet from Judy Bloom (yes, she is on twitter with the apt profile description, “Are You There, Twitter? It’s Me, Judy”), and then got several emails, and then several texts. Half an hour later, I’m back to writing.

Is it possible to sustain a thought any more?

Norman Cousins said it this way, “…this is not the Age of the Meditative Man. It is a sprinting, squinting, shoving age. Substitutes for repose are a billion dollar business. Almost daily, new antidotes for contemplation spring into being and leap out from store counters.”

So so true. We need to fight for thought. Because Christianity is impossible without lots and lots of thought.

Kant said any educated person has to wrestle through 3 questions in order to live a fulfilling life.

  • How can I know what is real?
  • What ought I to do? Said differently, what is right and wrong?
  • What can I hope for? Or, What is to come after life?

Only in God can we find answers to these questions that have a real integrity. And only in Christ can we find truly satisfying answers to these questions. Whether you agree with those conclusions or not, let’s just agree, we need to be thinking more.

Most people think that faith leads to turning the mind off. And yet, in this age of distraction, is it not remarkable that belief has fallen as distractions have risen? It takes real thought to wrestle through Kant’s questions. And while we do have difficulties to sort, it is only Christianity that can give truth that satisfies.

Will you challenge yourself to think more and to think longer? To turn distractions down and think harder?