The most convincing salesperson has nothing to gain, they just love what they’re pushing. You probably know people like this. They hustle like they’re trying to feed their kids, but not for financial gain. They’re just passionate. Passionate about the best peach, the best Thai restaurant, the best dentist. They end every pitch the same way, “Just try it, man!”

Those aren’t always the most fun people to be around, but those are the best recommendations to get. Is any peach really worth all the hassling? I confess, some are.

Can you believe God positions Himself that way? There are many appeals in Scripture, many commands and laws even. But one is incredibly surprising. Psalm 34:8 says,

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

Here is a command from the Scripture in which God offers Himself for the sampling. Try it and see! This soft approach is so compelling if you’re from a religion that was exploitative. Some are. Some people have had experiences where the promise was never realized. They gave and gave and never received. That’s not what God is offering.

God knows He isn’t just God, He’s good. Really, really good. He doesn’t need gimmicks, He doesn’t need hard sells with closers in back rooms. Just try it. Unlike a peach, the try takes a little more time. A little more effort. But the pay off is exponentially more beneficial.

At Hope Church, we want to be a place for people to belong before they believe. You won’t be confronted with expectations. You’ll just be asked to taste and see. If He’s good, taste a little more and a little more. Because blessed is the person who takes refuge in Him!