As a taller person, I’m not a great swimmer. I know those aren’t mutually exclusive, but if you can touch the bottom of the pool, why swim? This is part of why I’ll never use swimming for exercise. The other reason is that swimming for exercise is terrible. Not only can you not breath when you want to, I’m not sure I want to bet my life on my fitness level.

Air is just too important. It’s incredibly precious, yet so available, we don’t realize it’s value. That is until we try to swim, like idiots.

Prayer has been similar for me. I often don’t realize how incredibly valuable it is because it has always been so available. I’ve had a direct line to the Sovereign of the Universe and I have to be told to use it. That’s just foolish.

Prayer should be to us like breathing. Deep, long breaths to calm ourselves. Short, quick breaths when we’re on the move. Labored, painful breaths when things get rough.

Through Jesus, we have access to God at all times. We can speak to the Creator, our Father, the Absolute Heavenly Monarch. Let us never grow tired of it. And God forgive us, let us never grow bored with this, our most precious resource.