Make time this month to prepare you children’s hearts for Christmas. One way to do this is by picking up the December family devotional packet in the Hope Kids area on Sunday morning. (If you want an electronic copy, just send me an email at This month’s devotionals are centered around the Old Testament prophecies of Jesus’ coming and the stories in the New Testament that fulfilled them. Did you know that God promised to send a Savior all the way back in Genesis, the first book of the Bible? Also, hundreds of years before Jesus was born, Isaiah predicted he would be born of a virgin (Isa. 7:14), Jeremiah predicted he would be a descendant of David (Jer. 23:5), and Micah predicted he would be born in Bethlehem (Mic. 5:2)! Prophecies like these give us confidence that the Bible is true and can be used by God to stir up faith in the hearts of our children.